The wide-spread craze for Uta no Prince-sama isn’t over just yet, as another new round of goods is making their way to Animate and online retailers this November.

Despite the anime finishing it’s second season in June, Uta no Prince-sama is still going strong, with fans demanding even more of the singing princes. This new batch of goods is set to release to bring the 2D boys slightly closer to real life with a set of 3D postcards.


Featuring each of the princes, as well as a postcard dedicated to the sempai, they will be available in individual packs for 367 yen and as a box set for 2940 yen. Produced by Media Factory, they utilize lenticular printing to achieve the 3D effect.


Information on where they can be ordered should you be unable to reach an Animate store before they sell out during their November release can be found on the Media Factory Website.


If having a 3D print of your favorite prince isn’t enough, another batch of alarm clocks that’s guaranteed to make you 2000% awake is being put out by Broccoli. Unlike the past where the sempai have been grouped together as Poison Kiss or could only be purchased individually at events, Camus, Reiji, Ranmaru and Ai will all be among the choices of alarm clocks.


Of course, these aren’t ordinary alarm clocks. They utilize the boy’s voices, so you can also wake up every morning to the sweet voice of your favorite prince.



The clocks will also be available on Animate, and can also be imported on HobbyLinkJapan for November release. Preorders have already sold out on several of the clocks though, so act fast.

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Source: MediaFactory Girl’s Club, Broccoli


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