The To Aru / A Certain series is certainly giving us a lot of nice things this summer, like that announcement of the new spin-off manga based on Accelerator as well as the ‘A certain summer’ celebrations, not to mention the red hot A certain scientific Railgun S anime series which is currently shaking up the summer anime season.

Now, the anime, manga and light novel franchise is bringing us yet another sizzling hot summer treat, this time featuring the main girl, Index and her voice actress, Yuka Iguchi.

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The lovely nun from England was drawn in several sexy poses which pretty much looks like the poses done by her original Japanese dub voice actress, Yuka Iguchi. The images were based on an earlier gravure shoot done by the voice actress who has been known to voice several loli characters like Index.

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A lot of details were used as the backgrounds and costumes look almost identical, take these photos with the monkey for example.

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Yuka Iguchi got her break for voicing the cute Index but she is also known for voicing other characters like Haganai’s Maria Takeyeama, Monogatari’s Tsukihi Araragi, Ro Kyu Bu’s Maho Misawa, Sankarea’s Mero Furuwa and Girl’s Und Panzer’s Mako Reizei.

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