Making a full return on August 30, the weekly edition of FaMiku will  return to give fans a healthy dose of the virtual diva Hatsune Miku.

Following up on a magazine series that initially started on March 7, weekly FaMiku will continue its serialization this week. This issue will focus specifically on the Magical Mirai concert that was held in the Yokohama Arena. As part of the report it will look at the Magi Area, CUL Area and Mirai Area that were set up to promote the convention and sell goods to fans that were able to make it.


It’s probably clear by the cover that Project Mirai 2 will also feature heavily in this issue. With a November 28 release date, the cover boasts an explosion of songs and costumes.


This volume also promises a section on rare goods and, somewhat unfortunately, a gravure section for “popular idol” Mikudayo-san.


With sixteen pages of Miku goodness going on sale August 30, FaMiku is certainly aiming to give fans a heavy dose of their favorite VOCALOID star. This special edition of Famitsu will be on sale in stores, and distributed at the Magical Mirai event on the same day.

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