When it comes to extremely powerful anime characters, sure, the men in anime – like Dragon Ball’s Son Goku and Attack on Titan’s Levi – are a force to be reckoned with, sure.

But just as amazing are the women in anime. They’re certainly no push-overs.

Japanese media website Goo has recently asked visitors online who they think is the strongest girl in anime in a poll featuring some of the strongest female anime characters we’ve come to known and love.

The characters shortlisted in the poll are the strongest girls who do not rely on any magic at all (so that means girls like Erza Scarlet and the Magical Girls are out) and can pretty much defeat enemies through their own power with either their fists or a signature weapon.

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With a total of 5135 votes, here are the results (with commentary and analysis from yours truly):

11 Chun-Li: 59 votes

One of Street Fighter‘s most recognizable characters certainly is strong. Not only can she wreck a car with her bare hands, she can also beat up the toughest guys around.

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10 Kaoru Kamiya: 81 votes

Also known as Kori in several English dubs, the heir to the Kamiya Kasshin style is anything but a helpless damsel. Sure, Kenshin may have to save her a few times and she is often seen wearing a Kimono, but that definitely does not mean you can mess with Rorouni Kenshin‘s feisty leading lady easily.


9 Morgiana: 93 votes

Morgiana, from TV anime Magi, was sold as a slave when she was young. When one thinks of slave girls, it’s typical to picture helpless weaklings, right?

Well, not this one. Morgiana has displayed overwhelming feats of strength from leaping tall buildings in a single bound to crushing rocks with her bare fists. She belongs to the monstrously strong Fanalis clan and she can pretty much beat down mages, monsters and baddies without relying on magic herself.


8 Motoko Kusanagi: 106 votes

When I first saw the original Ghost in the Shell as a kid on AXN, I was amazed how this one woman could kick so much ass. Though she has been portrayed quite differently in each of the media she was portrayed in (the manga, the movie and Stand Alone Complex), one thing is certain, Motoko Kusanagi is a one-woman-army and can pretty much beat a lot of strong macho guys in a straight-up fight.


7 Mikasa Ackerman: 122 votes

She can take down beings much larger than her, beat up guys trying to get her (and Eren) and she has killer abs, yes, she is Mikasa Ackerman and she is Shingeki no Kyojin‘s beautiful-yet-deadly half-Oriental. She graduated at the top of her class and has been scouted as an ace to protect humanity from the Titans. She is insanely strong and she will do everything to protect Eren. And did I mention she has killer abs?


6 Kaori Makimura: 161 votes

Tomboyish and definitely good with hitting things (especially Ryo) with a hammer, Kaori is a kick-ass babe who takes down bad guys on a daily basis. Hey, if you can lift a “100 ton” hammer to hit a skirt-chasing playboy, you are definitely one bad-ass chick. City Hunter‘s leading lady ain’t only proficient with a hammer, she can also use a gun and a freaking bazooka.


5 Ranma Saotome (Female form): 321 votes

Now before you complain that Ranma is a guy, do note that he can transform into a girl and his female form really does kick ass. Ranma can learn any martial art very quickly and has shown feats of superhuman strength. Martial Arts is Ranma’s life and he…she… Ranma will do everything to win, even if she has to use her feminine form to her advantage.


4 Kagura: 387 votes

A cute little alien girl born of the extremely strong and monstrous Yato Clan, Kagura does not only break ordinary walls with her fist, she can also break the 4th wall.

Gintama‘s little loli powerhouse is brash and crude, just like Gintoki. Often armed with her trusty umbrella, she has shown incredible feats of power like stopping Gintoki’s scooter with one hand and defeating  a giant alien parasite trying to eat the space port.

39 - gintama kagura

3 Android 18: 441 votes

She can take on a SUPER SAIYAN. Nuff said.


2 Ran Mouri: 739 votes

Also known as Rachel Moore in the Funimation dub, Detective Conan‘s martial arts ace is definitely no push-over. She is a karate champion as well as a judo ace and has an unusual amount of stamina.


1 Arale Norimaki: 2525 votes

Winning by an overwhelming landslide is Akira Toriyama’s cute little robot girl. She is from Akira Toriyama’s other series, Dr. Slump, you know, the one that is not Dragon Ball?

This loli robot has gotten her creator, Senbei Norimaki into a lot of trouble. She is known for being naive, energetic, completely lacking of common sense and extremely, extremely strong. Her feats of strength include splitting the earth with one chop and bringing a giant bear home after mistaking it for a pet.


OK, there they are, Goo’s 11 strongest anime girls (without magic). Do you guys agree?

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