Valvrave the Liberator is most certainly one of the hottest anime from the 2013 spring season and with its second part coming in October, the anime’s official website asks its viewers worldwide who their favorite characters are.

What’s good about this poll is that EVERYONE can vote, not just the people back in Japan so you can most certainly let your voices be heard. You can choose from any of the characters (alive and dead) who were seen during the entirety of last season.

valvrave poll1 valvrave poll2 valvrave poll 3

This official character poll asks five questions,

  1. Who is your favorite character?
  2. Which female character do you want to BITE the most?
  3. Which male character do you want to BITE the most?
  4. Which character do you want to share a plate of ham and eggs with?
  5. Which character do you not want as a BOSS?

Vote for a minor character not often seen in the series? No problem! Scared of having L-Elf as your boss? Sure! Vote against him! It’s all up to you. Unlike some polls however, you won’t be shown the results immediately, but you can most certainly vote as many times as you like.

This online poll was asked by the official website yesterday, August 9 and voting ends on September 5, so if you want to vote, better hurry. You can vote on their official website through this link.

You can also read more about anime as well as other rankings here on SGCafe.  Also join in on the community’s discussions at

From Valvrave official website


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