Although Touhou has received several fanmade anime adapations of Touhou throughout the years, ZUN, the creator of the series, is denying that there will be an official one.

Taking to his Twitter account, ZUN debunked some rumors that have been floating around online lately, namely that a Touhou anime was in the works.

According to a 2chan thread, ZUN would be officially endorsing an anime for Project Touhou, and that it would be staffed by the people behind YuruYuri. With ZUN’s usual refusal to create an anime, this was somewhat surprising, so when fans approached him about it on Twitter his response was “A Touhou anime? This is the first I”ve ever heard of it lol.”


Things were so drastic, in fact, that he is opening up a ustream conference to officially deny such a thing is happening at 8 PM JST.


As for the future of an official Touhou anime, ZUN just isn’t ready for one to be made, and would announce it himself if it did happen.


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Source: All-A, Yaraon


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