Anime and manga crossovers may not be something new but whenever these things happen, people will be excited about it. With Detective Conan going head-to-head with Lupin III and Fairy Tail and Rave Master duking it out, Anime One has recently conducted a survey on which anime cross-overs do people want to see the most. With a total of 1,035 votes, here are the results:

33, 32, 31- Space Captain Harlock X One Piece- 0 votes

33, 32, 31- Dream Eater Merry X Dream Hunter Rem- 0 votes

33, 32, 31- Tenchi Muyo! X Space Pirate Mito – 0 votes

30- Saki X Akagi – 7 votes

29- Anpan Man X Zororri- 14 votes

28, 27- Moshidora X Touch X Big Wind-up! X Dokaben- 16 votes

28, 27- Hamtaro X The Adventures of Gamba- 16 votes

26, 25- Macross X [email protected] Xenoglossia  X AKB0048- 17 votes

26, 25- Yatterman X Lupin III- 17 votes

24, 23- Space Battleship Yamato X Mouretsu Pirates- 18 votes

24, 23- Yuru Yuri X Yuyushiki X Kiniro Mosaic X Kill Me Baby- 18 votes

22- Katsushika-ku Kochira Kameari Koen Mae Hashutsujo X Yatterman- 19 votes

21, 20- Nintama Rantarou X Prince Mackaroo- 21 votes

21, 20- Armored Trooper Votoms X Sgt. Frog- 21 votes

19- Space Runaway Ideon X Attack on Titan- 24 votes

18- Steins; Gate X Little Busters!- 25 votes

16, 17- The World God Only Knows X Baka and Test- 26 votes

16, 17- Umineko : When They Cry X Black Butler- 26 votes

15, 14, 13- Lupin III X Kindaichi Case Files- 27 votes

15, 14, 13- Zorori X Sgt. Frog- 27 votes

15, 14, 13- Naruto X Ninku- 27 votes

12- Sailor Moon X Pretty Cure All-stars- 28 votes

11- A Certain Scientific Railgun X Saint Young Men X Gatchaman CROWDS- 30 votes

10- Squid Girl X Sgt. Frog- 34 votes

Pack your bags folks because humanity is doomed as we are gonna get invaded by Squid Girl and Sgt. frog! I wonder what sort of hi-jinx those two will bring once they team-up? I bet this is going to be hilarious!


9- Gundam X Macross- 39 votes

This is the dream cross-over a lot of mecha fans have been dying to see since the 80’s, unfortunately, this one only makes it to #9


8- Danganronpa X Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)- 41 votes

I can see it now, Students get trapped in the school by Monkokuma and are provided with diaries with special powers and are forced to kill each other and the last one remaining will be the new god of time and space. Well, one thing’s for sure, a lot of people are going to die in this crossover and it’s gonna be bloody.

dangan x mirai nikki

7- Detective Conan X Kindaichi Case Files- 49 votes

Looks like Shonen Sunday’ and Shonen Magazine’s official cross-over wasn’t enough for fans as this crossover placed quite high on the list. The two detective mangas collaborated on a crossover last 2008.


6- Haganai X  Watamote- 50 votes

With all the stuff happening to Watamote’s Tomoko, it’s no surprise that some fans are suggesting that our favorite socially awkward and friendless heroine  join a club designed for socially awkward and friendless people… the Neighbor’s Club from Haganai.

watamote x haganai

5- [email protected] X UtaPri- 58 votes

There are tons of similarities between these two so it’s not a surprise people want them to have a crossover. Both series are about a group working hard to become idols and both series were aired summer 2011 and both series have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.


4 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha X Puella Magi Madoka Magica- 70 votes

From doujins to fan art works to fan fictions, these two series have already been in a number of cross-overs but there has yet to be an official one. This is one of those crossovers that fans are really dying to see and if there will be an official one, I am willing to bet a lot of fans will be rejoicing.


3 GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class X Hidamari Sketch- 73 votes

Both series are about a group of high school girls attending an art school so a crossover between the two really ain’t surprising. What is surprising though is this crossover pulling the rug from under the Madoka X Nanoha crossover is a huge thing and the GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class X Hidamari Sketch crossover has done just that.


2 Kuroko no Basket X Ro-Kyu-Bu- 90 votes

Ah yes, while Tomoka and the girls may not be able to beat any of the teams from the generation of miracles, this cross-over is definitely going to be an interesting one. Maybe the girls might get tips from the guys and become even better.

ro kuroko bu

1 Love Live! X [email protected] X Aikatsu! – 107 votes

And getting the #1 spot is this three-way crossover between series about young girls working hard to be idols. This crossover would promise to be a very musical one and would have a lot of dance numbers and cute, frilly outfits.


There you have it, the most wanted anime collaborations according to Anime One. I bet some of you were surprised by some of the candidates presented because I certainly was. Do you agree with the results?

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