Attack on Titan is so big that you can almost find it anywhere, and now, Hajime Isayama‘s best-selling manga and anime series is now taking it further with some new fragrances by Cafe’ Reo.

The Attack on Titan Eu de Toilette perfumes come in three different fragrances and each fragrance is named after one of the characters, namely Eren, Makasa and Levi.


The in-your-face Eren brings in a very forward fragrance with a unique combination of smells. The top fragrances are mint, lemon, lime and bergamot which will give you a minty-citrusy fragrance. It’s middle fragrances are cardamom, nutmeg and anise while it’s bottom fragrances are cedar wood, sandalwood and musk.

aot a

The calm Mikasa offers a sweet and fruity floral fragrance. The top fragrances are Rose hip, raspberry and cassia while the middle fragrances are plum, muguet (lily of the valley) and rose. This aroma combination is fruity and flowery indeed and to finish it off, the bottom fragrances include cedar wood and musk.

aot b

Finally, the straight-faced and cleanliness-obsessed Levi offers a very clean smell with a slight hint of soap, nothing less from the neat freak cleaning lady… I mean dirt-hating captain. The top smell is of coarse fresh soap to give you that squeaky-clean feeling. The middle smell contains Rose, Lotus and Iris to balance out that soapy top fragrance and its bottom smell has cedar wood and musk.

aot c

Each perfume bottle costs 5,500 yen and will be released on late October 2013.

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