Banpresto is Working up a storm with their latest Ichiban Kuji prizes.

Their popular lottery will be featuring the wacky-yet-hard working crew of Wagnaria Family Restaurant and this lottery will be featuring eleven different prizes. The prizes range from Banpresto’s cute super deformed Kyun Chara figures to stuffed toys, rubber straps, glasses and posters.

A Prize- 10 cm Popura Taneshima Kyun Chara figure

A cuter version of the already cute and petite Popura


B Prize- 10 cm Sōta Takanashi Kyun Chara figure

Takanashi finally gets his wish of getting things smaller… wait…


C Prize- 10 cm Mahiru Inami Kyun Chara figure

Don’t worry, this cutie can’t hit you


D Prize- 10 cm Yachiyo Todoroki Kyun Chara Figure

That smile… and that katana?!


E Prize- 10 cm Jun Sato Kyun Chara figure

Still looks cool in chibi form


F Prize- Hiroomi Soma Kyun Chara figure

Even if super-deformed, this guy can find something to blackmail people with


G Prize- Aoi Yamada Kyun Chara figure

Awwww… she broke some plates again, how precious


H Prize- Choice of either one of two Wagnaria posters

One poster features the girls while the other features the guys. If you have them both, then you can put them together


I Prize- choice of either one of three 11 cm Working!! glasses

news_large_working_i01 news_large_working_i02 news_large_working_i03

J Prize- choice of either one of three clear file sets. Each set contains three clear files.

news_large_working_j_01a news_large_working_j_01b news_large_working_j_01c news_large_working_j_02a news_large_working_j_02b news_large_working_j_02c news_large_working_j_03a news_large_working_j_03b news_large_working_j_03c

K Prize- choice of one of either 9 rubber straps. There are 9 straps in total plus one mystery Working!! rubber strap.

news_thumb_middle_working_k01 news_thumb_middle_working_k02 news_thumb_middle_working_k03 news_thumb_middle_working_k04 news_thumb_middle_working_k05 news_thumb_middle_working_k06 news_thumb_middle_working_k07 news_thumb_middle_working_k08 news_thumb_middle_working_k09

Last Prize- Aoi Yamada stuffed toy


These prizes were released on September 28, 2013 and are now available in hobby shops, book stores and Tsutaya stores all over Japan. Each try costs 600 yen.

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