The anime adaptation of the popular Japanese murder mystery visual novel game Danganronpa is about to end, and Furyu is celebrating the popular series with a their latest Minna no Kuji lottery.


The prizes up for grabs vary from the A prize which is a PVC figure of Kyouko Kirigiri to the G prize which is a choice of any super deformed Danganronpa figures. It costs 600 yen per game so you better wish you are as lucky (or not as unlucky) as Makoto Naegi in order to win the prize that you want to get.



The A prize is this 18 cm figure of the super high school detective, Kyouko Kirigiri


The B prize is this 30 cm Monokuma teddy bear… such a cute and sadistic stuffed toy indeed!


The C prize is either one of these Monokuma pouches. You can choose either the grinning Monokuma or the laughing Monokuma


The D prize is a choice of either one of these stationery sets. You can choose either Kyouko & Makoto, Tougami & Fukawa or Oowada & Ishimaru. Each stationery set comes with its own pen


The E prize is a choice of either one of these pixel rubber strap sets. You can choose either  Kyouko & Makoto, Tougami & Fukawa, Oowada & Ishimaru, Sakura & Aoi or Junko & Monokuma


The F prize is a choice of either one of these Danganronpa hand towel sets. You can choose either the set featuring the super high school student or the set featuring Monokuma.


Finally, The G prize is a choice of either one of these cute super deformed figures. You can choose either Makoto, Kirigiri, Ishimaru, Tougami or Chihiro.


The lottery for these prizes begin September 28 and will be distributed to several bookstores, convenience stores as well as selected Circle K convenience stores all over Japan.

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