What does the meat of the Red Dragon from Dragon’s Crown taste like? A mixture of chicken and beef flavours, apparently!

Fantasy action RPG game Dragon’s Crown from Atlus is currently making some waves in the gaming world and now, the action-filled 2D video game is collaborating with Spanish Tapas bar, Tapas Blanco for a very special collaboration menu.


The video game known for a lot of… um… plot has inspired the Spanish restaurant to concoct some delicious food items based on the monsters from the game and drinks based on the heroes. Each menu item comes with a Dragon’s Crown coaster for the drinks and a Dragon’s Crown place mat for the tapas.

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Tapas are traditional Spanish bar food and are served as small, bite-sized morsels and are either served hot or cold.

The Red Dragon, one of the game’s bosses inspires this Spanish Tapas, the Grilled Steak of Red Dragon which is sold for 1,764 yen. It is chicken stuffed with beef made to look like a sliced up dragon. This spicy meal certainly has that Red Dragon flair as well as that hot Spanish flair.


The Stewed Tongue of the Minotaur is basically beef lengua or beef tongue stewed in thick Spanish-style sauce. This meal is also inspired by one of the game’s bosses, the Minotaur and since this is tongue, expect this beef meal to be served tender. It is sold for 1,554 yen.


The drink menu as mentioned earlier is inspired by the game’s heroes. Each drink costs 840 yen.

The Fighter is a cocktail of Blue Curacao and White Wine. This cocktail can most certainly give you that strong feeling.


The Amazon is a cocktail made of Cassis Liqueur and blood orange for that sweet yet wild flair.


The Dwarf is a cocktail of acorn liqueur and cafe-au-lait and sprinkled with a bit of cocoa powder. This tiny powerhouse certainly packs a lot of punch despite its size.


The Elf is a Mojito and provides some bit of Earthy citrusy freshness just like the elf.


The Sorceress cocktail certainly has a lot of… plot. It is white wine served with grape ice balls for that innocent-looking yet bewitching feel.


The Wizard is a cocktail of Blue Curacao and Melon Soda and is most certainly magical.


Tapas Blanco is located in Akihabara and this special collaboration menu will only last until October 13.

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