Goods maker COSPA is at it again, this time with a variety of shirts and a mask featuring everyone’s favorite principal, Monobear.

With the recent anime adaptation, Dangan Ronpa has been pulling in fans new and old alike. That means not only a slew of new students to fall into despair, but also a new set of goods from speciality store COSPA.


Probably the most unique way for fans to show off their academic love is by becoming it with this MonoBear mask. Add in a classy suit and you’re ready to take on the responsibilities of running a school. Looking this suave will cost you 3,885 yen just for the mask, though.


If you’re the sort of principal that would beat his students into despair with a guitar, then the punk rock Monokuma shirt might be a better fit. It comes in red t-shirt [3045 yen] in sizes XS to XL and a girls free size white [3360 yen] style to ensure male and female fans alike can prepare for their first day of high school.


If neither of those are quite extreme enough, than you can show you mean serious business with the black t-shirt and girls gray free size shirt can help you do just that.


Then again, you might just need to show everything is all fun and games to you, which this dripping stencil design of MonoBear is hoping to help you do. Running in sizes XS through XL, sharing your joy will cost 3045 yen.


For those who hate a principal that would tell them to “kill each other”, this shooting silhouette will help you to show your hate and his weak points. Exposing such valuable information will cost 3,045 yen, and like the other shirts it runs in sizes XS to XL.


The shirts are set to head to stores in October, but the mask will take a little longer to reach fans hearts, with a release date of February.

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Source: Famitsu


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