Without a doubt, Girls Und Panzer was one of 2012’s biggest anime hits and the Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki, most notably the town of Oarai has already been taken over by the popular series.


Seemingly unending streams of fans have flocked into the prefecture which of course has boosted their tourism industry. Not only that, Girls Und Panzer can be found everywhere within Oarai and the Ibaraki prefecture. From their voter awareness campaign for the Ibaraki prefecture gubernatorial elections to the Ibaraki airport to even some Garupan pocket tissues, it is safe to say that the anime series is indeed everywhere in the prefecture.


According to a sweets shop clerk in a mall in Oarai, there has been an increase in “repeat customers” who visit the town simply because of Girls Und Panzer. According to her, the town and the anime have built a seemingly good relationship. Locals have reported that tourists have been seen driving to some of the locations featured in the anime.

The town’s official website even has a page dedicated to Girls Und Panzer and it shows people the locations shown throughout the anime


 Other towns in Ibaraki have also benefited from the anime. One example is Omitama where Oarai Rabbit team members Azusa, Karina, Yuki, Ayumi, Saki and Aya are from.

Without a doubt, the anime has transformed those Ibaraki towns, much like how another anime, Free! is increasing the tourism of a small fishing village or Lucky ☆ Star making the Haji Festival even more popular. Anime tourism is rapidly growing in Japan and somehow, loyal anime fans are doing pilgrimages to their favorite locations all thanks to anime.

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