Inkan or Japanese seals have been used in Japan since ancient times to sign personal documents. Now, seal maker Itaindou is making some custom Japanese seal stamps featuring the Angler Fish team from hit anime series Girls Und Panzer.



There are two kinds of seals, a round 18 mm seal and a square 21 mm seal. Each seal contains one member of Oarai’s Angler Fish team.

Miho Nishizumi

a001 a002 a003

Saori Takebe

b001 b002 b003

Hana Isuzu

c001 c002 c003

Yukari Akiyama

d001 d002 d003

Mako Reizei

e001 e002 e003

The official website will start accepting orders tomorrow, September 26, 2013. the 18 mm circular stamps will be sold for 3,580 yen while the 21 mm square stamps will go for 3,980 yen. These stamps will be released on October 30, 2013.

 They will also be selling these special stamp cases. Each case can hold up to two stamps and contains high-quality leather which features a Girls Und Panzer artwork on top of the case as well as on the inside. These cases cost 1,980 yen each.

s001 s002 s004 s005 s006

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Via Itaindou


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