Since the anime started airing, the prefecture of Ibaraki and Girls Und Panzer have been involved in a very mutually beneficial relationship. Not only has the anime increased the prefecture’s tourism but it is also helping out raise awareness and voter turn-out in this year’s Ibaraki Gubernatorial elections.

This time, the girls are helping out Ibaraki airport in what is called the “Ibaraki Airport- Garupan Support Plan”. This collaboration with the hit anime series has the blessing of the airport’s management and staff and aims spread some information on Ibaraki prefecture’s transportation system.


The poster features the Rabbit Team who are from the city of Omitama, also in Ibaraki prefecture. They are composed of Azusa, Karina, Yuki, Ayumi, Saki and Aya and they battle in the M3 Lee.


The collaboration starts September 9, 2o13 and it will end on October 31, 2013. It will include a life-size cardboard tank model to be installed within the airport terminal as well as some Girls Und Panzer posters being put up to promote the prefecture. A student handbook stamp rally as well as some models of the characters from the anime are also planned to be part of this collaboration.

The setting of Girls Und Panzer is Oarai which is actually based on a real town named Oarai in Ibaraki. Ever since the anime aired, fans have made pilgrimages to the small town thus increasing tourism.

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