In Japan, big brothers are often called “aniki”, but that term ain’t just for guys who are actually elder brothers but also for the strong, powerful and wise people you would really want to call “big brother”.  These strong, manly characters would definitely make you want to serve them whether in a group or as actual elder brothers.

Anime is no short of these characters and Japanese media website Goo ranks the 25 best anime characters you would want to call “aniki” or big brother. Here are their results:

25- TaisouGiant Robo the Animation: The Day the Earth Stood Still– 9.7%

24- Lancer- Fate/ Zero- 12.5%

23- Chosokabe Motochika- Sengoku Basara– 13.9%

22, 21, 20- Rider– Fate/Zero– 15.3%

22, 21, 20- Keichou Nijimura Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure– 15.3%

22, 21, 20- Mr. Chang– Black Lagoon– 15.3%

19- Straight Cougar- s-CRY-ed– 16.7%

18, 17- Date Masamune– Sengoku Basara– 18.1%

18, 17- Hermes Costello- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- 18.1%

16, 15- Bright Noah- Mobile Suit Gundam– 20.8%

16, 15- Edward Elric– Full Metal Alchemist20.8%

14, 13, 12- Lockon Stratos– Mobile Suit Gundam 00– 23.6%

14, 13, 12- Kakashi Hatake– Naruto– 23.6%

14, 13, 12- ProsciuttoJojo’s Bizarre Adventure– 23.6%

11- Roy Focker- Macross- 26.4%

10, 9- Levi– Attack on Titan27.8%


10, 9- Ryoji Kaji– Neon Genesis Evangelion– 27.8%


8, 7- Shiro Sanada– Space Battleship Yamato– 33.3%


8,7- KaminaGurren Lagann 33.3%


6,5 – CobraCobra– 50.0%


6,5- TokiFist of the North Star– 50.0%


4- Mamoru TakamuraHajime no Ippo– 55.6%


3- Portgas D . Ace– One Piece– 61.1%


2- Raoh– Fist of the North Star– 69.4%


1- Shanks One Piece– 100%


So many Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure characters made it to the list and it ain’t that surprising since all of them (even Hermes Costello who is actually female) oozes manliness and makes you want to call them aniki. One Piece and Fist of the North Star also have multiple entries and both series are definitely not short of the “aniki” archetype.

Speaking of One Piece, Shanks makes it to number 1. The mighty pirate does not only fit the “aniki” archetype but is definitely awesome enough to have you in awe of his powers.

Many of the characters in the list like Kamina, the Jojo characters, the Fist of the North Star characters, Rider and more fit the “Gar” anime character archetype. “Gar” characters are described as “Manly” and “Bad-Ass” and would definitely not fall into any moe or cute category. Most of these characters can be best attributed to those “manly” anime of the 80’s where the animation was more focused on the action and “bad-assery” rather than fan service and moe.

So, do you agree with the list? Would you call any of these manly characters your big brother or “aniki”?

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