Poor Tomoko hasn’t been getting a lot of breaks in her hit anime series and she still remains painfully unpopular. However, Guttetsu is giving the poor girl a chance as they are featuring Watamote in their latest collaboration menu!


This special limited time menu would only be available starting today, September 18 and will last only until September 29, 2013. Customers ordering the Watamote menu’s food items will get a special Watamote place mat while the ones who order the drinks will be served with a special Watamote coaster.

watamote_coaster watamote_mat

Starting things off is Mother’s Twice-cooked Pork. This classic dish is just like what mom used to make… when I say mom, I mean Tomoko’s mom. This dish costs 880 yen per serving.


Tomoko’s first time eating a burger was quite the experience and Good Smile Cafe is bringing it to the fans. This “first-time” hamburger experience costs 880 yen.


Tomoko also has some not-so-good experience with Takoyaki or octopus balls. This classic served during her school festival is also replicated by Good Smile Cafe and costs 580 yen per serving.


The choco-banana crepe may bring some sweetness to Tomoko’s otherwise bitter life. This sweet treat costs 580 yen per serving.


The drink menu represents the characters that have appeared during the anime. Each drink costs 480 yen and are served with a special character coaster.

Tomoko Kuroki


Tomoki Kuroki






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