Attack on Titan is currently one of the hottest anime series this year and Happy Priroll is serving up some custom cakes befitting such a titanic anime.


These cake rolls come in 13 different designs, and of these 13 designs, you can customize six of them yourself. These cake rolls measure 16 cm x 9 cm x 7.5 cm and is good for approximately 4-5 cake slices.

The first design features the survey corps coat of arms, Levi, Eren and Mikasa while the second, third and fourth designs feature only Eren, Mikasa and Levi in their own cakes.

titan a

titan b

As mentioned earlier, you can customize some of these cakes. The fifth, sixth and seventh designs each feature Eren, Mikasa or Levi along with a special message you would want to put in on that cake. You can greet a loved one happy birthday or congratulate them for an achievement with these cakes which cost cost 3,500 yen each.


You can also submit a picture of yourself or a loved one and Happy Priroll will print that picture on the cake along with a special message and an image of either Eren, Mikasa or Levi. These custom cakes with your picture and a special message costs 4,500 yen each cake.


Finally, it won’t really be an Attack on Titan collaboration without everybody’s favorite not-so-jolly red giant the Colossal Titan, and Happy Priroll ain’t just dedicating him one cake design but three!

The first design shows you the nape of his neck where his weakness is, the second design shows him smoking and about to attack while the third design shows the entire body of the Colossal Titan.


titan d

Happy Priroll is now taking orders for these custom cakes. People in Japan can now mail order them and to those wanting to get their pictures on the cake roll, they can also send their pictures via mail. You can also order online via their official website.

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