Hatsune Miku has been an angel, a nurse, a mermaid, a fashion model, a racing queen, and of course, a diva. Now, Hatsune Miku is ready to face what may be her most challenging role ever, a Monster Hunter.

In a promo video released on the PC/ Xbox 360 online Monster Hunting game, Monster Hunter Frontier G, players may dress up their characters as the virtual diva and yes, hunt giant monsters!

This is part of the Monster Hunter X Hatsune Miku collaboration which was already announced earlier. The Hatsune Miku costumes aren’t the only things that this collaboration would feature as players can also hunt monsters with a guitar-shaped weapon as well as edit their characters skin tone and faces in order to really look like Miku. Using the “small face version”, players can make the faces of their avatars smaller than the game’s normal face size.

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Maaya Sakamoto will also be making her presence felt in the game as she will be voicing one of the MMORPG’s NPC characters, Utahime who will be joining the game on October 16. Maaya Sakamoto is the voice actress responsible for singing the theme song for the game. She is also known for voicing anime characters like Gundam Seed Destiny’s Lunamaria Hawke and Black Butler’s Ciel Phantomhive.


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