With so many Monogatari story parts coming and going, it seems fitting that Lawson should team up with the series for a lottery.

And what better time to hold a Monogatari themed lottery than the month of October, during which Halloween – and all sorts of supernatural goodness associated with it – will take place. Lawson will be running the Monogatari series lottery from October 1 to the 14, and they’re making sure the rarest goods are worth winning.


Entering into the lottery will be done through codes on your receipt when you purchase certain items during the campaign. In this case the goods look like they’ll mostly be Calorie Mate related items. After registering the code from the receipt, customers will receive points towards a prize pool. Using your points you can choose which prize you want to put your points towards, and Lawson even gives out just how many people will win each section so you know your odds before hand.


The lowest tiered prize is something you don’t need points for, but you will need a Twitter account as it requires those entering the campaign to tweet at Akiko-chan on the official campaign Twitter which will net five lucky winners a B5 sized poster of the campaign illustration. For ten points, though, you can enter to win the F prize, a notebook that features that same illustration. It has the highest percentage of winners with 1,000 people drawn for the prize.


It will only cost you 3 points to enter to win stationary themed after the main high school of the series. The chances are significantly narrower with 300 people chosen as winners.


100 lucky people that put five points in to the D rank prize will win Monogatari themed playing cards. Not only does it feature characters from the show, but a scene from even from the original “Story You Never Heard” ending animation.


If more Shinobu is what you desire from life, then gather ten points and hope you’re one of fifty lucky people to win a donut cushion with her adorable face on it. She’s hiding no emotions here as she chows down on a ring donut of her own. Plus, it’s only an outline for now, but the B prize that ten people with fifteen points in this tier will receive is a Nadeko figure, most likely based on her Otorimonogatari design.


If you really want to press your luck and go for the A prize, you’ll need to scrape together twenty points and hope you’re one of two lucky people. It’s worth it, though, as it will net you and original illustration of the character of your choice signed by Nisioisin himself.


There you have it! If you’re feeling lucky and just so happen to be in Japan, stop by a Lawson next month and go for the gold. No black cat is going to stop you from aiming for the top prize, after all.

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Source: Official Campaign Website


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