The latest single by Japanese rock band Back-On is about to be released soon and it will contain the opening song for the upcoming Gundam anime, Gundam Build Fighters titled “Nibun no Ichi” as well as the theme song for the hit Gundam action game, Gundam Breaker titled “INFINITY”. A special version of the single release will not only contain the CD but a very special HG gunpla as well.


The single will be released on November 16, 2013 and it will contain four songs namely “Nibun no Ichi”, “Nibun no Ichi” (instrumental),  “INFINITY” and  “INFINITY” (instrumental).

There will be three versions released for this single. One will be the standard single release containing the CD alone, another will also contain a special DVD which includes a “Nibun no Ichi” music clip and the third will contain the CD and the special limited edition gunpla.


The 1/144 HG gunpla included in the last set is a special Particle Clear version of the popular Freedom Gundam from Gundam SEED. The special set named Gundam Build Fighters OP Theme Song “Nibun no Ichi” / Gundam Breaker Theme Song “INFINITY” by Back-On – CD Single + Exclusive HG 1/144 Freedom Gundam Particle Clear Ver. will cost 2,625 yen. The standard single CD will cost 1,050 yen while the special single with the exclusive DVD will cost 1,890 yen.

particle clear freedom gundam

Speaking of Gundam Build Fighters, the upcoming Fall 2013 anime already has two HG gunplas up for pre order, the Build Strike Gundam Full Package and the Zaku Amazing.

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