The Washimiya district in Kuki, Saitama has been the hometown for Lucky ☆ Star‘s twin characters, Tsukasa and Kagami, and the locals have certainly shown their appreciation to the twins (and the series in general) as they have made a Lucky ☆ Star mikoshi (portable shrine).


The portable shrine, which features the various Lucky ☆ Star characters, has participated in the annual Haji Festival since 2008. The annual autumn festival is dedicated to the Washimiya Shrine, one of the oldest Shrines in the Kanto region. The Washimiya shrine is also where the twins work as Miko (Shrine Maidens), and ever since the anime began airing, fans of the anime series have most certainly done some pilgrimages to the shrine.


This year, 73,000 visitors lined up and participated in the festival, that means that 1,000 more people attended the festival than last year.


Lucky ☆ Star, much like Girls Und Panzer, Free! and AnoHana, has given a positive effect on the community it is based on with an increase in tourism thanks in part to the anime.

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