Compensated dating (enjou kousai) is a weird tradition among school girls in Japan: in exchange for going on a date with an older guy, they are paid in either money or goods. Although the returned favor from the girl is usually conversation and bragging rights, it sometimes goes farther than that.

Some male anime fans recently participated in a poll where they judge which female anime characters look the most like they engage in compensated dating for money, based on the characters’ looks and personalities.

The results are a little surprising. Let’s take a look.

Here’s the list for 2013:

enjokosai 2013

And here’s the list of results for a similar poll held in 2012, for comparison’s sake:

enjokosai 2012

There are too many characters named in the 2013 listing to discuss, so we’ll just delve into the top 5 picks.

5. Chiho Sasaki [The Devil is a Part Timer]


The only yandere personality to make it to the top five, she at least as an upbeat try-hard attitude to go with it. Why she would need to go on a compensated date isn’t what the 201 fans were thinking about when they voted for her, but if she gets attached to you she might just come back for another one.

4. Karen Kujou [Kiniro Mosaic]


Upbeat and known to declare how much she “really really really loves” the main character, fans could live out their dream of a life full of love by taking her out for a compensated date.

3. Shinka Nibutani [ChuKoi]


Both cheerleader and class-rep, this ultra-popular high school student would probably start off all smiles and sunshine, but the more you get to know her the more abusive the relationship will probably become. If you don’t bring up Mori Summer, though, you would probably be safe from some sort of vengeance. 249 fans were willing to take that risk during a compensated date.

2. Yui Yuigahama [Yahari Ore no Seishun]


Another outgoing character, even if she’s upset Yui will give you a smile. Even if you decide to have her try your cooking, she would probably say it tastes good, no matter how awful it is. It’s understandable why 272 fans wanted to take her on a date. The fact that she’s good looking doesn’t hurt either.

1. Ako Atarashi [Saki Achiga Hen episode of side A]


A great mahjong player and intelligent as well, she would definitely be a good person to have a conversation with. An astounding 509 fans were hoping to take her out and gain a warm embrace from the young majong player. This is the second year in a row that she took first place in the poll, ranking first in 2012 as well.


Other honorable mentions on the list include Nako from Hanasaku Iroha and Ayase from OreImo, who would be interesting to spend a day with to say the least.

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