The premiere for the last Madoka Magica movie is fast approaching, and accompanying it are some very interesting ways to make sure everyone knows which glass is whose.

Figures that hang off of your beverage seem to be getting more popular these days, and this time Animate is helping the girls (and alien) of Madoka Magica get ready to keep you company. Each come in their own special pose, and some are certainly more special than others.


Madoka is pretty normal as far as ways to perch on a glass go. She just wants to make sure your happy as you enjoy your soda, or maybe even some iced coffee.


Mami likes to take her tea with lemon, or maybe she just wants Madoka nearby to lean on. In any case, she would be pretty lonely without someone nearby to hold onto, so she brings along her own hugging accessory.


Kyoko is showing that all that work in a gym uniform went to good use as she tries to crawl over the edge of the glass. Some additional fun could probably be had if you managed to work Pocky or taiyaki into your glass somehow.


Homura is still on her quest to find Madoka, and has decided to check and see if you might know where she is. Until you answer, she’ll just hang out with you.


Maybe one of the best poses comes from Sayaka, whose doing her best not to fall into your tea. The best way to keep you from pushing her in is to hold on with all she’s got, feet and all.


When you talk about Madoka, it’s hard to not include Kyubey. Like always, he’s turning things topsy-turvy by holding onto your glass with his tail instead of his paws. No matter what way you turn him he’ll always look like he’s smiling, so hanging like that probably isn’t all that bothersome to him.


Everyone will be available to keep you company sometime in October, and will retail for 400 yen each, which is a price you won’t have to make a contract for.

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Source: Animate TV


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