Ahhh Kuroko, Judgement’s level 4 teleporter who is known to take down bad guys twice her size, her use of anything as a weapon and her unhealthy obsession with Mikoto. Now, one of anime’s most beloved and enduring perv… um…I mean espers is about to get her own nendoroid!


This lovable lesbian esper from that certain series of anime, light novel and manga comes with rotating twin tails, some hand cuffs to lay down the law (and some other things), a bag full of her signature nails and of course, Mikoto’s Gekota panties which can be put in her head… much to her beloved onee-sama’s chagrin. Like most nendoroids, she comes with interchangeable faces as well as a nendoroid base.

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Run Misaka, ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

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This PVC figure stands at approximately 100 mm and is sculpted by Kai Sasaki. It can now be pre ordered online for 3,500 yen via the Good Smile Online Shop where there is a fixed shipping price of 2,000 yen to all countries. Nendoroid Kuroko will be released on February 2014, so better hide Mikoto in advance!

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