We’ve known it was coming since early July, but what we didn’t know was what sort of changes the Kalos region would be bringing to the Pokemon series.

In the  newest PV for the Pokemon XY anime adaptation, we see that Ash (Satoshi) is returning once again as the main protagonist. But hey, at least he looks like he’s a little bit older now, and we even see him aged down in a flashback from Serena, who knew him as a child.

We even get to see Pikachu get defeated and tossed off a building, which means hopefully he won’t be the all powerful electric-type this season.

As for which Kalos starter Ash will be picking…chances are it will be Froakie, as we see him carrying an injured one off somewhere. The gym leader for the season will be Clemont (Citron), who has no badges and is harassed by Bonnie (Eureka) who hopes to find him a wife.

If you decide to give the hour-long opening special a watch, the anime debuts October 17, just after the game’s release.


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