Captain Marika is setting sail once again with the crew of the Bentenmaru in the first promotional video for this winter’s movie.

Although there is no actual footage apart from the title screen, Momoiro Clover Z’s Mugen no Ai, the opening for the anime, helps put fans back into the mood to shout “moretsu!” during a dry spell after a movie version of Bodacious Space Pirates was announced last year. The preview is very Evangelion-like in nature, flashing text to describe what the movie will be out. It is largely meant to mimic the pirate transmission system Marika used to defeat her foes in the finale. The keywords for it include “The Golden Seven”, letter of marque, the Flint System, and the infinite beyond. It ends on a letter to a Mr. Yagii Lamp that highlights several of those keywords, including the location of a meeting .3 light years away.

The movie will hit theaters February 2014 and will be directed by Tatsuo Sato, who also directed last years anime adaptation.

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