With the much anticipated live-action musical titles Sailor: Moon La Reconquista starting next month, Japanese Karaoke store Karatetsu Karaoke  has announced a collaboration with the classic Magical Girl series.

The Karaoke joint be offering up some limited edition Sailor Moon drinks from their drink bar. These drinks are based on the five Sailor Warriors appearing in the musical, namely Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. Each drink costs 600 yen.


The Sailor moon drinks also come with a limited edition coaster featuring the musical’s Sailor Warriors cast as well as the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary logo. Only one coaster is provided per order.


The collaboration will be a limited one however and only three of their stores participating, namely Shinjuku Kabukichou First Avenue Store, Nakano and Takadanobaba. It will start from September 13 and end in October 8.

This is all part of The 20th anniversary celebrations for Naoko Takeuchi’s beloved magical girl manga series which was later adapted into a highly successful anime.

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