With classic anime and manga series Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary celebrations now in full gear, Premium Bandai is offering some Sailor Moon-themed nail decorations.


These special nail decorations are part of Premium Bandai’s Charanail line which feature anime-themed nail decorations aimed at adult females. The Charanail line already introduced some nail decorations featuring Creamy Mami, Tiger & Bunny and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.


There are six sets in total with each set containing eight designs that you can decorate your nails with. These Sailor Moon Nail design sets are the “Love & Justice”, “Sailor Mode”, Pretty Guardian”, “Midnight Town”, “Make Up” and “Sailor Streamline”. Each of these sets are designed with a specific motif in mind so if you want the portraits of the Sailor Warriors protecting your nails, go for the Pretty Guardian set but if you want to keep it a little bit simpler, then Sailor Streamline is the one for you.

sailor moon nails

These Special nail decorations are now available for pre order via Premium Bandai and they are scheduled for release December 2013. Each set of 8 costs 1,050 yen but if you order three sets, you can get them for 2,940 yen. You can also order all six sets for 5,775 yen.


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