Dragon Ball has always been associated with hair from Goku’s wild hair style to his iconic Super Saiyan hair. Now, Creerbeaute and Bandai are bringing you these special Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax!


Designed by hair and make-up artist Hiroshi Tadaaki, these special Dragon Ball hair products come in a well… a Dragon Ball.

The Hair Wax 3 is presented inside the Three-star Dragon Ball and offers a more natural look.


The Hair Wax 5 is presented inside the Five-star Dragon Ball and offers a more fierce and stronger hold for your hair.


Finally, the Hair Wax 7 is presented inside the Seven-star Dragon Ball and may be strong enough to give you that Super Saiyan hair you have always dreamed about… just don’t expect to gain the ability to blow up planets.


You can buy these hair products for 980 yen via Premium Bandai.

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Via Creerbeaute


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