Ultraman was kicking Kaijuu butt before it was cool, but that’s not the reason why the classic Japanese hero franchise won one of the most coveted awards in the world, the Guinness World Record.


The Tokusatsu franchise won the Guinness World Record for “TV series with most number of spin-offs” with a total of 27 spin-offs which beats out the 23 spin-off series fellow Tokusatsu hero show, Kamen Rider, has under its belt.


Guinness representative Carlos Martinez handed out a prestigious and much-coveted award to the original 1966 Ultraman. Other Ultramen were also present including the newest member of the Ultraman family, Ultraman Galaxy or Ultraman Ginga as well as his human form, actor Takuya Nagishi. The other Ultramen present during the awarding ceremony were Taro, Tiga, Zero, and 80.


Ultraman made its debut 47 years ago in 1966 and the Guinness World Record-holding series will be enjoying its historic 50th anniversary very soon. It has been a part of Japanese Otaku Sub-Culture since its debut and is still loved by many Japanese as well as legions of fans around the world.

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