It is no secret that the anime Girls und Panzer has made Oarai town’s tourism industry blossom and earlier today, October 23, about 300 fans gathered at the town to celebrate the birthday of the anime’s main heroine, Miho Nishizumi.


Fans proudly showed off their Miho gear from Miho itashas to other Miho goodies as they went around Oarai as they flocked the small town in Ibaraki Prefecture.

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The Oarai station’s information center was also ready for the event as the staff anticipated the arrival of her devoted fans.


Fans were also able to greet the town’s fictional heroine with this special greeting poster displayed at the station.


Other people also celebrated Miho’s birthday their own special way. Here’s Miho’s voice actress, Mai Fuchigami as she took to twitter and greeted her character a very special birthday greeting… awwwwwwww…


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