Madoka Magica‘s highly advertised and highly anticipated third movie finally hits the big screen today and boy are fans charged up. Will it have a good ending or a bad one? Will people hate Gen Urobuchi for the fates of the magical girls once again?

These questions will get answered today but before all of that, 300 lucky people got to view the movie before anyone else.


An advanced screening of Madoka Magica: Rebellion Story was shown in a theater in Shinjuku Wald 9 just one day before the rest of Japan can see the movie.

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The theater’s interior was decorated with a Madoka Magica theme and Madoka Magica merchandise were also sold, including those special limited edition Madoka Magica popcorn.

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30 minutes before the movie even began, those 300 lucky movie goers became even luckier as a secret guest payed them a visit.


Madoka Kaname’s voice actress, Aoi Yuuki dropped by and did a talk show. The voice actress was of course greeted by loud cheers from the fans as she came up on stage.


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