The Animate Girls Festival celebrates female anime fans and boy are they giving them a treat with the latest Takara Tomy merchandise featuring Samurai Flamenco, Free!, Amnesia, UtaPri and Danganronpa.

The Animate Girls Festival is scheduled from November 2-3, 2013 and Animate will be taking pre-orders for some Takara Tomy goodies during the event.

These Samurai Flamenco mouse pads are slated for release early November 2013 and cost 525 yen each. These mouse pads come in two designs, Masayoshi Hazama and Hidenori Goto.

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Animate will also be taking pre-orders for these Samurai Flamenco clear files during the event. These cost 924 yen are slated for release early Novomber 2013.


This Monokuma stuffed toy will also be up for pre-orders during the event. He will be released late November 2013 and will cost 1,410 yen.


Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% won’t be undone and these Utapri air cushions will be up for pre-order during the even and will cost 840 yen each. There are 11 designs in total and each air cushion features a character from the anime. They are scheduled for release late November 2013.

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Amnesia has recently become a fan-favorite among girls and Animate will be offering these Amnesia card pouches for pre-orders. These come in five designs namely Shin (ace of hearts), Ikki (ace of spades), Kent (ace of clubs), Toma (ace of diamonds) and Ukyo (black joker). Each card pouch costs 1,050 yen and will be released in Mid November 2013.

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And since Animate is celebrating female fans, the event will also feature summer’s hottest anime, Free! These Free! clear files are unfortunately not free but Animate will be putting them up for pre-orders for 924 yen each set. Each set has three pocket clear files and there are two sets in total. These red hot Free! clear files are scheduled for release Mid November 2013.

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