The annual Yuru (Mascot) Character Grand Prix is underway, with each prefecture vying for the top spot. This time the Colossal Titan is competing, and his background story is certainly interesting.

Even if you aren’t familiar with yuru characters, you might recognize top names like Kumamon amongst its midst – these are mascot characters who help to promote tourism to different areas of Japan.

Colossal Titan, under the name Titan-kun, is now counted among these greats as a yuru character and is even entering the Yuru Chara Grand Prix. Just like the Saimoe Tournament determines the best moe character of the year, the Yuru Chara Grand Prix determines the best mascot through public voting.


Many of the characters have a short biography at the bottom telling when and why they were created, and in the case of Titan-kun it was to show to women and children that he’s not all that bad a guy. Who could say no to a face like this?


After jaunts to Animate and getting his own Nendoroid, its no wonder Titan-kun would be smiling so broadly, right? Voting is now open on the site, and this year marks 1,000 entries to the contest.


If you want to vote for Titan-kun you can do so here, but only until November 8. The results will be announced on November 24 and hopefully we see Kumamon and Biri-chan finally dethroned by a colossal landslide.

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