Even with the anime already wrapped up, Attack on Titan‘s colossal mascot can still be found everywhere and in an Attack on Titan party, it is no surprise that the Colossal Titan would make an appearance.


A bust of the titan was also featured during the event, and no, it was not made of PVC, wood, metal, rubber or any other material because the Colossal Titan bust is made out of cake. The bust surely made a lot of heads turn during the party and rightfully so.


In a tweet by Armin’s voice actress, Marina Inoue during the event, the cake just looks too good to eat.


Of course, that life-sized inflatable bust of the Colossal Titan also made its appearance, and the Colossal Titan even struck a pose with it… wearing a tuxedo. Ain’t that cute, Colossal Titan-kun is wearing a tux!


The party was held at the Shinjuku Hyatt last Thursday, October 10, 2013. It celebrated the launch and success of the Attack on Titan anime.

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