For 20 years, Dengeki Bunko has given us entertaining, suspenseful and funny stories from their light novels like OreImo, the “A Certain” series, Sword Art Online, Hataraku Maou Sama!, Ro-Kyu-Bu and more. Now, the celebrated light novel publisher celebrated their 20th anniversary with a bang yesterday, October 6, 2013 with the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2013.

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The event was held in Akihabara UDX and boy did Dengeki Bunko give the fans a treat. One of the highlights of the event was certainly the new announcements for the highly anticipated fighting game, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax which pits their most popular characters against each other. More information about it through this link.


Banpresto also set up shop with their latest figure offerings which featured Dengeki Bunko’s finest from figures featuring “A Certain” series’ Mikoto and Misaka 10032 , Sword Art Online’s Leafa and Asuna as well as body pillows and key chains.

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Griffon also made their presence felt with their OreImo and Vividred Operation figures.

bunko_021_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_022_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_023_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_024_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_025_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_026_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_028_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_029_cs1w1_476x720

Wave also put on a show with their figure presentations which was of course highlighted by their popular Beach Queens line. Hataraku Maou-sama’s Chiho, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere‘s Tomo and Neito, Accel World‘s Kuroyukihime, Toradora‘s Taiga and more were on display in their finest beach wear.

bunko_076_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_077_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_078_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_079_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_080_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_081_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_082_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_083_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_062_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_063_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_064_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_065_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_066_cs1w1_540x720

Of course, Dengeki Bunko also featured other figures featuring their popular characters.

bunko_067_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_068_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_069_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_070_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_071_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_072_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_073_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_074_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_075_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_084_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_085_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_086_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_087_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_088_cs1w1_540x720

Would it even be considered an event without cosplay?! Cosplayers strutted their stuff as they dressed up as Dengeki Bunko heroines like “A Certain” series’ Mikoto Misaka, Golden Time‘s Kouko Kaga, Hataraku Maou Sama!’s Emilia, Shakugan no Shana’s Shana and more.

bunko_036_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_037_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_038_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_039_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_040_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_041_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_106_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_107_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_108_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_109_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_110_cs1w1_476x720 bunko_111_cs1w1_476x720

A special 12-meter illustration featuring Dengeki Bunko’s most popular characters was also on display and it most certainly turned a lot of heads. This enormous illustration was drawn by Kino’s Journey illustrator Kouhaku Kuroboshi.

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And would it even be complete without merchandise being sold? That special Kirino True End Ver. figure was also sold during the event.

bunko_008_cs1w1_720x476 bunko_009_cs1w1_720x476

bunko_098_cs1w1_720x540 bunko_099_cs1w1_720x540 bunko_100_cs1w1_720x540 bunko_101_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_102_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_103_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_104_cs1w1_540x720 bunko_105_cs1w1_720x540

The event most certainly catered to anime and light novel fans and Dengeki Bunko most certainly did not disappoint.

With 20 years of being in the business, they have given readers quality stories and who knows? There may be even better ones to come in the future.

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