A certain steamed bun-themed, garlic-powered wrestling hero has thrilled anime and manga fans since 1979. Now, Family Mart is releasing a brand new steamed bun (nikuman) based on one of of the series most deadly villains, Warsman.



This black curry flavored nikuman is sure to pack a punch, just like the dangerous Soviet cyborg it is based on.

The making of this spicy treat was supervised by the Kinnikuman manga author himself, Yudetamago. It’s bottom paper lining is based on his original manga artwork.


This special Warsman black curry nikuman will be released to Family Mart convenience stores all over Japan for 180 yen. These are limited edition food items so better hurry up while supplies last.

In an official press release by Family Mart, they have announced that even more Kinnikuman characters will get turned into some rather scrumptious nikumans from from the period of early December until mid-January.


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Via Family Mart


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