What happens when two historical fantasy heroines team up? Well, for one thing, expect it to be quite magical as Saber takes up Excalibur once again as she teams up with the elf shaman, Deedlit from the classic rpg, Record of Lodoss War.


Illustrated by Type-Moon co-founder Takashi Takeuchi, this collaboration image can be found inside the Reborn and 30th anniversary issue of the digital info magazine, Comptiq. Takeuchi himself has admitted that he is a huge Record of Lodoss War fan and was quite happy when the Comptiq editorial department  asked him to make this illustration.

A large 3mx3m poster featuring the two heroines was also unveiled in Akihabara last Monday, October 28, 2013. Smaller images are scheduled to be distributed around Akihabara as well.

This is all to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Record of Lodoss War franchise which was first serialized in Comptiq magazine way back in 1986.

Record of Lodoss War is now considered as a classic part of Japanese sub-culture so to sincerely pay respect to the franchise, a collaboration with yet another popular historical fantasy franchise, Type Moon’s Fate series, was made.

Comptiq has also announced the release of other 25th anniversary merchandise such as the Record of Lodoss War: Grey Witch book which is a rewritten novel version of the first RPG.


Other products include a digitally remastered version of the classic OVA. This special 25th anniversary BluRay box will be released in November 29, 2013 for 39,900 yen.


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