Japanese fashion label earth music&ecology spared no expense in giving K-On! fans a special treat and last October 26, 2013, as they were able to finally meet the voice of Azusa Nakano herself, Ayana Taketatsu.

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The voice actress known for providing the voices of OreImo’s Kirino and High School DXD’s Koneko dressed up in earth music&ecology’s Azusa Nakano-inspired apparel complete with “Azu-nyan’s” signature twin tails.


In her official blog, Taketatsu expressed her happiness that she was quite well received by female fans. They were asking her a lot of questions like why her skin is so soft or what lotion was she using. She thanked the fans who attended and gave some cutesy poses.


The event was “women only” meaning guys were not allowed. But even if the event was only for women, the lines in earth music&ecology’s Sunshine Ikebukuro branch were long… very long.

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Via Strawberry Ayana official blog and cross collection


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