Sure, Summer has already came and gone, and Kyoto Animation’s Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club may have already concluded its run on Japanese television. But if you think that will stop anime merchandise makers from churning out character goods based on the popular 2013 Summer anime series, think again!

Here are some of the Free! character goods you’ll be able to find on sale in Japan beginning late October or early November at the following retail chains: 1to7, Animate, Animaga, and Mandarake.


Free! Kuji (lottery)

Officially available in stores on October 30, although an event on October 26 will carry the items. 600 yen per go.

A prize: Long cushion cover (45cm x 90cm), available in 5 designs

free kuji a prize 2 free kuji a prize


B prize: Poolside tower, available in 5 designs

free kuji b prize


C prize: B2 half/A2 full-sized bath posters, available in 11 designs

free kuji c prize 01 free kuji c prize 02


D prize: Strap, available in 15 designs

free kuji d prize


E prize: Bromide/photograph set of 10

free kuji e prize


Last prize: Big cushion (45cm x 55cm)

last prize free kuji

You’re guaranteed to win one of the above prizes every time you participate in the Free! Kuji lottery at a store (subject to prize availability). Certain lots may also net you an additional bonus prize – a telephone card.


Free! half dakimakuras

These will first be sold at the Animate Girls Festival 2013 on November 2 and 3; subsequently sold at all stores from late November.

Available in 6 designs (the characters you see below), priced at 4,980 yen each.

Each half dakimakura is sized at 45cm x 90cm.

free half dakimakura 01


Free! cleaner strap

280 yen (excluding tax) for a single strap; 4,760 yen (excluding tax) for a set of 17 straps.

Each set of 17 comes with 12 normal designs plus 5 secret designs.

Available from the middle of November; but will first be sold at a special event on October 26.

free cleaner strap


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