The Blazblue series has been one of the most popular video games from Arc System Works and now that the much awaited anime, Blazblue: Alter Memory has finally aired, its popularity is certain to rise even more.

Now, Gamers Akihabara is holding a very special museum dedicated to the best selling series.

 blazblue_01_cs1w1_450x600 blazblue_02_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_03_cs1w1_600x450

On display in the museum are some character designs featuring the beloved characters from the game and several sketches and artworks from the games as well as the anime.

blazblue_05_cs1w1_600x450blazblue_06_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_07_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_08_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_09_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_10_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_13_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_14_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_15_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_16_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_17_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_18_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_19_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_24_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_25_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_26_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_27_cs1w1_600x450

Several Blazblue merchandise were also displayed from pillows to bags to shirts and all sorts of Blazblue goodies. Some were even autographed by the game’s development staff. The video games, most notably Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma (tournament on November 3!), were also displayed along with a history of Blazblue PV’s.

 blazblue_35_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_36_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_37_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_39_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_42_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_43_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_45_cs1w1_600x450

Several upcoming Blazblue figures were also on display like theBandai D-Arts Noel Vermillion and the Vertex 1/7 scale Noel Vermillion.

 blazblue_28_cs1w1_600x450blazblue_29_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_30_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_32_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_34_cs1w1_600x450

The museum also featured some Arc System Works 25th anniversary merchandise including this special 25th anniversary character book which was released earlier today, October 24, 2013.


Perhaps one of the highlights of the museum is this display featuring a Ragna costume. What makes this particular costume special is because it wasn’t worn by any normal cosplayer. This Ragna the Bloodedge costume was once donned by one of today’s most popular cosplayers, Kaname himself.

 blazblue_20_cs1w1_600x450 blazblue_21_cs1w1_600x450 ragna_the_bloodedge_by_kaname_lovers-d55vwzg

The museum started today and will be up in the 5th floor of Gamers Akihabara for a limited time until November 10, 2013.

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