It’s almost time for the Bonbori Festival, which means Hanasaku Iroha is making a return, this time in collaboration with Circle K and SunKus convenience stores.

Although not as famous as Lawson and Family Mart for anime collaborations, convenience store Circle K does do some collaborations with anime from time to time. This month it will once again team up with Hanasaku Iroha, just in time for the Bonbori Festival on October 12.

Unfortunately it won’t be running nationally and you’ll have to go pretty far from Tokyo and Osaka to the Hokuriku region  to find any stores carrying the promotion. It may be worth it though, not only for the festival-themed food but also for the Hanasaku Iroha goods.


The reason for the town of Yuwaku in Ishikawa being chosen specifically as a main promotion site is because the series took place in the area. A promotion in March for the Home Sweet Home movie also brought Hanasaku Iroha and Circle K together for some specialty foods. The special hotcakes filled with Yuwaku honey and margarine will be returning for 137 yen.


A bento themed after several episodes of the series will also be on sale for 500 yen. It includes mushroom rice, fall tempura, spaghetti, and snake survival colored salad based on the snake survival game.


The hotcakes and the bento will also feature the characters on Bonbori themed packaging, with three different styles to collect.


If all of that isn’t enough to make you want to head to the hot springs filled area of Yuwaku, then maybe the two styles of clear files to collect here will. You only need to buy two items included in the campaign (the bento, hotcakes, Wonda coffee and Asahi brand sixteen-tea blend) to get one, which should leave you with plenty of money to still explore the area with.


The promotion only runs until October 21, so get there soon if you’re after these limited goods.

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