Yesterday we reported that Namco Bandai Games is announcing The [email protected]: One For All this week — the information came from an advance copy of Famitsu magazine, which normally goes on sale in newsstands on Thursdays.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, Famitsu has decided to release the first batch of screenshots for The [email protected]: One For All on, which you can view below.

Like what @earlbox said, the character modelling for The [email protected]: One For All fundamentally looks the same as the system used for The [email protected] 2, so do not expect a huge leap in the graphics department when One For All comes out on the PS3 (as a paid digital download accessible through the free-to-play [email protected] Channel).

However, Famitsu has hinted in their online article that there may be some significant gameplay changes between [email protected]: One For All and The [email protected] 2, apart from the fact that you can now “produce” or manage an idol unit comprising any of the series’s 13 main characters, as opposed to just nine in The [email protected] 2.

In The [email protected] 2, players could only produce an idol unit consisting of three girls. Judging from these screenshots, however, [email protected]: One For All may be breaking from that mold, as evidenced in these screenshots, which depict interaction scenes featuring different numbers of the idol characters on screen.

In particular, Famitsu says that the screenshot you see below, where the words “currently in production” hover above Haruka Amami’s portrait picture, could be a hint as to how things are different in The [email protected]: One For All.

idolmaster one for all 03

Any guesses?

More information on The [email protected]: One For All will be revealed at an upcoming promotional event.

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Source: Famitsu


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