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Original story: Visual novel based on the currently-airing Infinite Stratos 2 anime series will launch on the PS3 and PS Vita consoles in Japan two weeks after Valentine’s Day, on 27 February 2014, this week’s Famitsu magazine has revealed.

A Charlotte Dunois figurine – with the popular IS2 heroine wearing nekomimi or cat ears – will come with the limited edition of the game.

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The new issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine also revealed a few additional story and gameplay details in Ignition Hearts. The game has you play the role of Ichika Orimura, as he spends time making wonderful memories with the anime series’ numerous heroines at a campus festival.

What we didn’t know before is that, as it turns out, in Ignition Hearts Ichika appears to be amnesiac – which I’m guessing is an effort on the developers’ part to try and make the game accessible to players who are not familiar with the events in the anime series.

Progression through Ignition Hearts is handled mostly through dialogues with the various heroines. Depending on your dialogue options, each heroine will accumulate either Ignition Points or Stress Points.

Only when you’ve accumulated a pre-determined amount of Ignition Points will you be allowed to proceed with a particular heroine’s storyline. As a bonus, if a heroine has got lots of Ignition Points to share, it appears that you will be able to “punish” her by making her wear a China dress and other humiliating costumes.

Conversely, if you make one of the heroines rack up too much Stress Points, a “Passion Event” may occur where Ichika will get punished instead.

Also, although the official website for the game shows only the five original heroines from Infinite Stratos 1, Famitsu revealed that Tatenashi Sarashiki will also be featured heavily in the game – in one of the screenshots we see Tatenashi asking Orimura if resting on her lap feels good, similar to a scene in the anime series.

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