Itashas are customized cars with decals featuring anime, manga or video game characters while itacharis are custom bikes with a character design. Now, a new “ita” joins their ranks.

Presenting, the Itasuit!


While you may not be able to proudly wear you favorite anime characters on the outside while going to work, you can definitely wear them on your suit’s interior.

This is part of the “Itasuit Project” which was recently presented in Daimaru Umeda in Kita, Osaka. It began selling last May 2013 and was also exhibited during the Japan Expo in Paris, France.

These jackets are, of course, made-to-order and prices are at about 70,000 yen per suit. An additional 10,000-20,000 yen will also get you a pair of nice slacks to go with your suit. These suits however can only be ordered in Daimaru Umeda.

While that may sound pretty pricey for a suit, it’s still fairly affordable compared to importing an itasha or an itachari. Give the Itasuit Project some time to spread its glorious wings and, who knows, maybe in the near future that quiet guy sitting next to you at work with his suit all buttoned up is actually wearing one.

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