Kamen Rider has brought joy to kids and adults since he first made his first “henshin” way back in 1971. Now, a new Kamen Rider is bringing joy to kids living in the slums of Thailand.


Complete with mask, gloves, scarf and of course, his trusty motorcycle, the legendary tokusatsu hero visited underprivileged children in the Thai capital Bangkok.


But who is this masked HERO who brought smiles to the kids of Thailand? His name is Akihiro Tomikawa, a 44-year old Japanese businessman who dons the costume of the original 1971 Kamen Rider and bring smiles to the faces of the less fortunate. This heroic Rider actually does this frequently as he visits the underprivileged areas of Bangkok every two months.

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Akihiro Tomikawa just doesn’t visit the kids every two months but he also gives them some goodies and kids are more than eager to line up to receive his kind-hearted gifts. This heroic cosplayer surely has one helluva heart of gold.


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Via MSN Japan


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