Gintama is known for being wacky and weird, and their mascot Elizabeth just expresses the over-all weirdness of the series. If you look at Elizabeth’s rounded head, it really looks like a steamed bun with eyes and a beak, right? Well, Japanese convenience store chain Lawson seems to think so.


Lawson will be serving up some steamed buns inspired by Katsura’s pet alien and these “Elizabethmans” are pretty much not regular at all, just like Elizabeth. According to Lawson’s official website, these steamed buns will be enormous, measuring approximately 30cm in diameter which is larger than a basketball’s diameter which is roughly 24cm.

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These huge buns are scheduled to hit Lawson’s steamers on November 5, 2013 (Tuesday) and will cost 160 yen.


This rather large steamed bun is part of their campaign to promote the BluRay/ DVD release of Gintama the movie: The Final Chapter which is due to hit stores December 2013 in Japan.

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