If you’re a fan of Tiger & Bunny who’s ever dreamed of having the stars of the anime series tell you that, no, you are definitely not fat, then consider this a dream turned into reality.

Digital scale maker Tanita is collaborating with the producers of Gekijouban Tiger & Bunny: The Rising to bring you a special edition of their InnerScan Voice weighing scale that’s loaded with the voice data of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/Wild Tiger (voiced by Hiroaki Hirata) and Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Masakazu Morita).

tiger and bunny the rising digital scale

The Tanita InnerScan Voice BC-202-TB (インナースキャンボイス BC-202-TB), like the regular editions of the same digital scale, will measure not just your weight, but your body-mass-index or BMI, body fat percentage, and more.

Except all of these measurements will be read out with by the characters Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks Jr., complete with friendly jibes and jokes to encourage you – in one voice recording sample, the duo jokes that Hokkaido isn’t just a little bit cold (Hokkaido… choppiri cold jyaneeyo!)

This special edition Tanita InnerScan Voice digital scale is priced at 16,800 yen, and will be open to pre-orders until November 30. The product itself will be released on March 10, 2014.

tiger and bunny scale

In Japan, one place to pre-order the InnerScan Voice BC-202-TB is the Tatsuya online store (as usual, if you’re ordering from outside Japan, you’d need to rely on a proxy shipping service). But if you go to the pre-order page at the moment, the digital scale is said to be sold out. This is likely to be a temporary measure, as according to Tanita the scales are definitely not sold out yet, and will be open to pre-orders until the November 30 date.

In a piece of related Tiger & Bunny: The Rising movie news, in the movie’s fictional world Tanita is also an official sponsor of new hero Golden Ryan – who is Barnaby Brooks Jr’s new partner replacing Wild Tiger in this anime movie sequel – and will see their corporate logo emblazoned on Golden Ryan’s suit as a sponsor placement.

golden ryan

So remember, folks: when you buy a Tanita digital scale you’re not just investing in a great product for your wellness. You’re also helping to fight crime in the anime world.

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