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Back when the preview trailer for visual-novel-turned-stage-production Living Adv Steins;Gate was first streamed on the Internet (read more about how the stage production came to be in our previous story), frankly I was a little worried that the stage actors might not be able to do the original work – one of the best time travel stories ever told in any medium – justice.

As impeccable as I’m sure their acting chops are, there was just something about the way the preview trailer looked that made the whole affair reek of cheese.

But after watching a new snippet footage trailer for the first act in Living Adv Steins;Gate, which has just been shared today on the official website for the stage production, I have to say that I’m sorely impressed!

Especially with the manner leading actor Daisuke Watanabe portrayed chuunibyou mad scientist Kyouma Hououin Rintarou Okabe.

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The rest of the cast appears to be just as spectacular, fully capturing most of the mannerisms of the Steins;Gate main characters and bringing them to life in a way I’d never imagine could happen. Somebody green-light a live-action movie edition, please!

See if you agree:

And here’s the preview trailer from back in August:

Stage production Living Adv Steins;Gate is currently playing from now till October 20 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo’s futuristic Odaiba district.

Paid livestreams and archived footage of the shows on October 13 and October 20 are also available online through Nico Nico Live, priced at 1,500 yen per online ticket.

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